Bucolica Calpurnius Siculus Cesar Giarratano Semantically encoded edition New annotations and encoding by Samuel J. Huskey Hugh Cayless Digital Latin Library 2017 Library of Digital Latin Texts 1 Calpurnii et Nemesiani Bucolica, CaesarGiarratano, Naples, Detken et Rocholl, 1910 Scholars Cited by Name Argol. = Giovanni Argoli Notes published in Onuphrii Panvinii, De Ludis Circensibus, Libri II. Patavii: Typis Petri Marie Frambotti Bibliop., 1681. URL: Ascensius = Josse Badius Ascensius Editor of s. Brodaeus = Jean Brodeau Notes on Calpurnius cited in Gruterus, Janus. Lampas, sive Fax Artium Liberalium, Tomus Quartus. Francofurti: e Collegio Paltheniano, Sumptibus Ionae Rhodii Bibliopola 1604. URL: Bursian = Conrad Bursian Haupt Haupt notes that he used Bursian’s collation of a manuscript in Naples. D’Orville = Jacques-Philippe d’Orville Cited in Burman 1731 Casaub. = Isaac Casaubon Cited in Burman 1731 Fruterius = Lucas Fruterius Barth 1613 Barth 1613 cites content from the third book of Fruterius’ “Coniect. Verisim.", which is no longer extant. Hartel = G. Hartel Schenkl cites Hartel’s unpublished opinions. Gudius = Marquard Gude Cited in Burman 1731. Guid. = Diomedes Guidalotti Commentary in b, notes in h. Heins. = Nicolaus Heinsius Cited in Burman 1731. Housman = A. E. Housman Housman had personal communication with Giarratano. Kempfer = Gerard Kempher Cited in h Lachmann = Karl Lachmann In Johannes Vahlen, Karl Lachmanns Briefe an Moriz Haupt. Berlin: Druck und Verlag von Georg Reimer, 1892. URL: . Lipsius = Justus Lipsius Cited in Burman 1731. Martell. = Ugolino Martelli Cited in h Oudendorp = Frans van Oudendorp Cited in Burman 1759 Ramorino = Felice Ramorino Ramorino’s personal communication with Giarratano Scaliger = Joseph-Juste Scaliger Cited in Burman 1731. C. Schenkl = Karl Schenkl Unpublished opinions cited in Schenkl’s editions. Scriver. = Pieter Schrijver Scriverius Cited in Burman 1731. Schraeder = ? Schraeder Scholar cited by Brantsma Tit. = Robertus Titius Editor of i2; notes in h. Tortell. = Giovanni Tortelli Cited in Guidalotti 1504. Victor Vigilius = Victor Vigilius Barth 1613 Pseudonym used by Kaspar von Barth in his notes to suggest conjectures that he is not prepared to print in his text. Wolf = Johann Christoph Wolf Cited in Burman 1731.